Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew 1:7-11- A Recitation

Jack just loves reciting Bible verses! I know people probably watch this and think we push him to memorize this stuff. We don't, I promise! We do read to him out of the Bible, but it just happens to be something that he loves and that amazing brain he has just soaks it all in!

I'm a little scared about the fact that he's already so much smarter than I am...



Randy said...

What really floors me is when he decides he wants me to read one of his favorite verses then flips to it... yes, he's managed to dog ear quite a few pages, but one dog-eared page is indistinguishable from another from my vantage point. Gets me every time... "let's read... mmm... 1 Peter 1:3" then boom! There it is. Love that boy.

Adrienne said...

Too cute! I love that he can pronounce those names better than I can. Gotta love those lineage verses :)