Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sitting Up, Pulling Up, and Crawling, Oh My!

It's been quite a week for our Graham-a-lam! On Saturday, he pulled up for the first time! He's been working on this for awhile, as he much prefers standing to sitting, possibly because he wants to do everything brother does. Anyway, he finally succeeded and since then is not happy unless he's standing and holding onto something.

Also on Saturday, Graham took his first crawling "step!" Since he really does hate being on his tummy now, this step hasn't advanced into full blown crawling yet... I give it a week!

Then on Sunday, we put him down for a nap at BB's house, on his tummy of course. When we went to get him, he was sitting up! He's been sitting on his own for awhile now, but this was the first time that he got into a sitting position from his tummy.

Whew! Life is about to get interesting!

A few recent pics:

We forgot Graham's hat...
Hanging out at Chuck E Cheese
Trying to stand

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