Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My 7 Month Old

Graham is SEVEN months old! He has probably changed more in the past month than in any other month of his life.

Some of his milestones:
- He finally mastered crawling
- He is now pulling up and walking along the furniture
- He has seven teeth, yes you read that correctly, SEVEN!
- He has gone from tolerating baby food to flat out refusing it. We finally decided to just jump ahead and give him meat instead of just fruits/veggies and he loved that! We also started giving him table food and he is much more interested in that. So far, he has enjoyed little bits of peach, apple, and green beans.
- He said Mama and meant it for the first time!
- He slept through the night again recently. There was a long drought for awhile, while he was cutting all those teeth!

Other things we want to remember about this age:
- Graham still loves water. He splashes like no man I've ever seen!
- He really likes TV. Like, he REALLY likes it. If it's on, he's watching it and laughing. We have to limit Jack's TV not because Jack watches too much, but because Graham won't do anything else when it's on.
- He likes to dance. He actually has some pretty good moves and especially likes when Mommy sings, "I like to move it, move it!" He and jack enjoy having dance parties in Mommy's room.
- He loves Jack more than anyone else and chases after his "bubba" every chance he gets!
- He has begun staying with his BB on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Mommy works. He loves being there and especially like playing with and getting kisses from Jaker Baker.

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