Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pregnancy Update and New Names for Baby Biggs

I am very happy to report that we have hit the 7 month mark for this pregnancy! Baby Biggs is officially due two months from yesterday and I am feeling like I'm in the home stretch. However, I did just read some interesting stats. Apparently the average length of gestation is not 40 weeks, as we are often told, but 41 weeks and 1 day! I'm not too excited at the idea of adding an extra week to this pregnancy but seeing as I am against artificially inducing labor, I suppose I should plan on it! I'm actually feeling pretty amazing overall. My complaints are lack of sleep and less energy to keep up with Jack but things could certainly be a lot worse.

We will be meeting with our midwife for the first time on Friday. I am anxious to interview her and make sure that this is the route we would like to go. As far as delivering at OU, we received some bad news recently. Due to the H1N1 virus and it's prevalence, the hospital is limiting patients to only two visitors at a time and no children under the age of 14 are allowed to visit at all! This of course means that our families won't be able to wait in the waiting room like they did when Jack was born, but even worse, it means that Jack will not be able to meet his little brother or sister until we come home!! I am very upset about this and am hoping the policy will ease up by January. I am afraid the "epidemic" will only be worse by then, though...

I posted some possible names a few weeks ago and we've already changed our minds since then! We are having the worst time with names this time around. As of today, here are our name choices: If we have a girl, she will most likely be named: Vivian Kaye Biggs or Eliza Kaye Biggs. And a boy will be: Henry Arthur Biggs, Harrison Arthur Biggs, or Graham Arthur Biggs.

Here is the latest pregnancy pic, taken at 31 1/2 weeks:

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