Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun- Trick-or-Treat!

I think last night was the best night of our little guy's life. The progression kind of reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld's bit:

"What's that? Who's giving away candy?! EVERYONE WE KNOW is just giving away candy?! What do I have to do? ...I can wear that!"

We've been talking about Halloween for awhile and Jack had decided to be Super Why. For those that are not aware, Super Why is a show on PBS in which the Super Readers jump into books to find the answers to their questions. It's actually pretty cute and although I figured no one would know who he was, Jack turned out to be quite the celebrity on our street. Everywhere we went, we heard children shouting out, "Look, it's Super Why!!!"

So, once he was dressed, we headed out the door to our first neighbor's house. He was excited just to ring the doorbell and see Arlene, the sweet lady who lives next door. He knew to say "trick-or-treat," but was quite surprised when she just started piling candy into his jack-o-lantern bucket. We left that house and headed to the next and he was getting really excited at this point. "I ring the door bell and say trick-or-treat and I get some treats!!" By the third house or so, he was still in awe and even told one lady, "Thank you. I love you!" Needless to say, even though we had been building this up for quite some time, Jack was amazed by the actual experience. What a joy to see life through the eyes of a child. I believe he enjoyed this night so much more than Storybook Forest and Haunt the Zoo because he had more interaction with people. He loved to ring the doorbell and greet each person. He was never quite ready to leave one house and head to another as he would have preferred to get more acquainted with each neighbor! Our little guy is just so sweet and has such a love for people!

After awhile we decided that Jack had enough treats (he really only eats the suckers anyway) and we headed back home, where Aunt A and Bebe were ready with some cake. One piece of cake and one sucker later, he was ready to crash. What a perfect night for a little boy!

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Melissa Rousseau said...

Kristin- That is such an adorable story about Jack loving to go trick or treating! Love how you compared it to a Seinfeld bit- so true!! Too much fun!