Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Graham is FOUR!

Today is a big day. We have been counting down to this day for several months now. And each day I said to Graham, "Mommy wants you to stay three forever!" To which he replied, "No!!! I WILL turn four!!" Alas, he was right. And I already miss my three year old. These years just fly by way too quickly for this mommy. Now I have another big boy on my hands! And he is such a special one.

Graham at this age is so many things all at once. First of all, he is funny and he loves funny things. He has such a sense of humor and loves to laugh. When we're watching a movie, often the rest of us can't even hear the funny lines over Graham's laughter! This annoys Jack but Randy and I love it. So much joy. So few worries. Graham isn't easily troubled. When he is sad, he is very sad, but it is also short lived. He is so quick to cheer up. I wish we all had that ability!

Graham is very, very smart. Sometimes this is masked a bit because he has so much energy and usually doesn't sit and "focus" on one thing for long. However, this kid can add and subtract, is beginning to read short words, and knows all of his states, their nicknames, and most of the capitals, all at age four. He learns differently than Jack but he learns and he can learn very quickly if he is interested!

Graham loves books and stories. He likes to read the same picture books over and over again. Some favorites are: The Story About Ping, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Where Oh Where is Huggle Buggle Bear?, Blueberries for Sal, Old Hat New Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and I could go on. If you try to read him a book that is over his head, he will disengage very quickly but if it is on his level, he would listen all day, however many times you were willing to read it. He memorizes the stories easily too so he loves to "read" by himself as well.

Graham is charming. He has always been a ham and very outgoing so people have taken to him quickly. But he is also genuinely sweet and knows what to say to make someone smile. He often thanks me out of the blue for something I have done for him or tells me I am pretty. He can come up with the funniest things to say right as you're about to get onto him about something and break your stern mood just at the right time. He knows this too and is amused by it.

Graham's other interests at this age include: going on walks around the neighborhood (he rides his Thomas bike), playing on the ipad at the church library, playing Stack the States on the Nook, playing any kind of card game (Uno, Go Fish, etc.), going to the park, the zoo, the science museum, or Dynamo. He loves spending the night at BB's or Gigi's house. And all of the sudden, he is fascinated by sports! He doesn't really like to play sports, but he loves to have the games on TV, pick which team he is rooting for, and then keep track of the score and hopefully WIN! Just in the past couple of weeks, we have cheered for OU, Syracuse, Green Bay, Denver, Seattle, the Mavericks, and of course the Thunder. He is loyal to his teams but if another game is on, he just picks one. :)

He LOVES church and I am so so sad that he will be moving on from Mr. Fred and Ms. Margaret's class now that he is four. They have been such a blessing to him and he feels so loved on each week! He also loves school and counts down the days until Tuesdays and Thursdays. He just enjoys being a part of his class and is blessed with wonderful teachers and good friends. His best buddy at this age is Eli. They are two peas in a pod!

The few things Graham doesn't like at this age: Jack roaring at him and pretending to be a saber tooth tiger. Eating dinner unless it involves ketchup. Being cold, which is a problem because he gets cold very easily. Being told it is time to be all done with the Nook or Leapster. I think that's all. ;)

I am so proud of the kind, friendly boy that Graham has grown up to be. I am sad to see the baby/toddler years go, but am looking forward to seeing what these next years hold!

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