Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween was a huge success for our little Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker! After a week or so of Graham saying that he did not like his costume and would not wear it, I was able to coax him into it on Tuesday for his music school party. Once he got to school, he was loving it and was so excited to be LUKE KYWOCKER!!! Being two, he didn't really remember last year's Halloween, so we explained trick or treating to him and he was very excited to learn that Miss Arlene was going to give him candy and Miss Jacklyn was going to give him candy, and all of the other neighbors were going to give him candy! It was just like the Seinfeld bit: "Who's handing out candy? EVERYONE WE KNOW?! What do I have to do? ....I can wear that." Anyway, he was so excited and so cute! And of course, Jack was an old pro. He knew exactly what to do and has been so excited about his costume that he's worn it practically every day since we bought it! The boys spent most of the evening walking around our neighborhood with Daddy and Parker and Jason (Superman). They really enjoyed our neighbor Denise's big inflatable cat in the yard, although they attacked it with their lightsabers. They also liked running to the door to see who could get to the doorbell first. All the boys were so sweet and polite, never forgetting to say thank you and Happy Halloween! Unfortunately, Mr. Reid had a rough night the previous night and a rough day so he wasn't really excited about Halloween. I did put his pumpkin outfit on him for a minute but he just screamed and I did not get a good picture. :( Looking forward to him being much more involved next year!!

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