Thursday, October 11, 2012


So far, Randy and my thoughts on Reid are: - He is so very sweet. The first night I don't even believe he cried at all other than when he had his bath and during diaper changes. He seems to be laid back and generally content. - He is absolutely precious. Right when he was born we noticed that he had beautiful hair. We didn't think he looked like our other (precious) boys but after a couple of days, I now think he resembles both of them. His skin is flawless and has perfect tone. He has beautiful eyes and perfect lips. Most newborns are not really pretty but Reid sure is! - He is a fabulous nurser. I was amazed at how he immediately nursed after birth. He has continued to nurse well and is eating like a champ. - He likes the swing! Neither Jack nor Graham liked it so it is nice to finally get some use out of that thing! - He probably has reflux. Nights two and three were not as serene as night one. He began hiccuping, sticking out his tongue, and making faces as if he has a bad taste in his mouth. He also has let out some telltale reflux screams and arches his back just like J and G did. This is much earlier than either boy showed symptoms but we know what to look for this time I suppose. Randy took Reid to the chiropracter today so we will see if that helps him tonight. If not, on to the Zantac he goes! Jack has been a tremendous helper and just loves being with Reid. He loves to look at him, play with him, and console him when he's upset. He is so good with him! Graham is also very excited about Reid and loves to give him kisses and point out that he's not in my tummy anymore! He even tried to help by tossing Reid's pacifier at him. We will continue to work on gentleness but Graham's intentions are extremely sweet and he does not seem jealous like we thought he might. Randy and I are adjusting well and are trying to take it one day at a time. When I think about the next week or month I get overwhelmed. But when I just cherish the moment I am in, it is easy to see that we are extremely blessed and I know that God will give us the strength, patience, and wisdom we will need to raise three boys. Last night as Randy and Jack were racing on scooters and bikes, Graham was playing trains in the driveway, and I was watching while holding Reid, I realized that I really am living my dream. I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful, healthy boys. I hope to always keep those moments in mind as things become stressful and difficult to manage. Here are a few more pics from the past couple of days:

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