Friday, May 7, 2010

My Boys

Graham: Graham has hit so many little milestones recently! He laughed out loud for the first time this week and still seems to only do it for Daddy. He is also more active when he has "playtime." He can now grab and hold on to his toys for as long as he wants to. He can also bring his hands together to grab a toy with two hands if you hold it in front of him. He immediately brings it to his mouth of course! And he is loving playing in the exersaucer. He can hit the buttons to make the songs play and he can spin the little "wheels." I love the 4-6 month stage when babies are still so little and snuggly, but are also so playful. He's getting there quickly!

Jack: Jack is amazing us every day with his memory! The other day I gave him a towel and told him it was a "beach" towel. He said, "Do you remember when we went to Nick and Hayley's wedding?" (Their wedding was at the beach). I couldn't believe that he remembered that and made the association. He was only 18 months old at the time!

Jack is also doing well with reading! Randy and I have been working with him on letters for awhile and he's actually started to do some real reading now. He knows all the letters, upper case and lower case, and their sounds (he loves to point out when a letter can make different sounds- "Sometimes g says ga and sometimes g says ja!") and can sound out some simple words. It's so fun to watch him learn!

Now that it's warmer outside, we've been playing lots of sports. Jack has been learning how to dribble a soccer ball, catch a baseball in a glove, and shoot a basketball. He really likes soccer the best and he is pretty good at it, too!

The music school spring show is coming up and Jack will be singing a Johnny Cash song with three other boys. They'll be dressed in all black of course. It should be cute!

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Adrienne said...

Graham's faces crack me up!! We miss you guys!