Monday, September 14, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Baby Biggs is still doing great! And other than not being able to sleep very well, Mommy is doing great now too. I'm finally over the morning sickness stage and moving into the most pleasant part of the pregnancy. Although I'm feeling quite huge, I'm not gaining much weight this time around. Part of me is very excited about that, but of course I'm also a bit concerned. I think I had gained around 17 lbs. at this point with Jack (out of a total of 29). With this one, I've only gained 9 lbs. I'll be asking the dr. about that at my next appointment.

Randy and are are starting childbirth classes this week and couldn't be more excited! We are doing the Bradley Method in the hopes of having a more natural childbirth experience this time around. I've heard great things about the classes so hopefully they will be worthwhile.

We are very much enjoying not knowing the gender of the baby. Of course we are dying to know, but still think the surprise will just be amazing! Only problem...we have to come up with boy AND girl names! That's proving to be a difficult task...

Anyway, here is a picture taken at 21 1/2 weeks:


Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well. We are doing the Bradley Method too. It seems awesome. We don't have classes around here, I have read the book and getting myself prepared. I hope it works wonders for us both. Everyone needs to learn about it.

Kristin said...


That's great that you're doing Bradley! I agree that everyone should learn about it. And I really think you should be fine with just the book. The classes are great as reinforcement and support, but all the information is in the books. You'll be so prepared! I really regret being so uninformed the first time around. I'm praying this helps us both to have great birth experiences!